What’s new in Carbon Revolution’s fourth Ford carbon fibre wheel program?

Ford has unveiled the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse with Carbon Revolution carbon fibre wheels.

What’s new in Carbon Revolution’s fourth Ford carbon fibre wheel program?

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The five-spoke, 19-inch wheels will be optional on the Dark Horse and reduce unsprung, rotational mass by 37% compared to the aluminium wheels offered on the vehicle.

The Carbon Revolution wheels also introduce several innovations.

What’s new?
The Dark Horse wheels are the first wheels to feature signature blue carbon fibre detailing, in keeping with the blue accents throughout the Dark Horse’s interior and exterior.

The wheels feature Carbon Revolution’s Diamond Weave Technology™, which ensures a perfect carbon fibre weave on visible surfaces of the wheel face.

The wheels are Carbon Revolution’s first five-spoke design for a Ford vehicle, and the first time the lug nuts have been positioned between the spokes on a Carbon Revolution wheel. This gives the bold spoke design more prominence, and harkens back to iconic Ford Mustang five-spoke wheels over its extensive history.

Wider adoption of carbon fibre wheels
The Mustang Dark Horse wheel program is Carbon Revolution’s fourth program with the Ford Motor Company.

It’s the first time that Carbon Revolution will supply a core vehicle program at Ford – previous programs have been limited to Ford Performance Shelby® Mustang variants and the Ford GT. Supplying a core vehicle allows a wider adoption of Carbon Revolution’s lightweight wheel technology.

Carbon Revolution’s growth and industrialisation strategy is enabling supply of wheel programs on a greater range of vehicles like the Dark Horse, and at higher volumes.

This will also be the first Carbon Revolution wheel available on a Ford right-hand drive (RHD) platform, enabling wider global exposure of the Company’s wheel technology. The Mustang Dark Horse will be available in key RHD Mustang markets, including Australia, the UK and Japan.

Extensive testing
Building on Carbon Revolution’s lengthy relationship with Ford, Carbon Revolution’s engineering teams developed the Dark Horse wheels with a strong understanding of Ford’s stringent wheel testing criteria, which sees wheels undergo over 200 tests for structural and environmental validation.

Advanced construction
Carbon Revolution is expected to commence production of Mustang Dark Horse carbon fibre wheels on the Mega-line in late FY23.

The Ford Mustang Dark Horse will be on sale in late 2023.

More information www.carbonrev.com