Woodoo is premiering two material innovations made out of authentic wood

Woodoo is the inventor of augmented wood, a bio-engineering revolution that constitutes a sustainable alternative to many families of materials whose use must be rethought or drastically reduced on our planet: plastics, concrete, aluminum, glass, leather, etc. Since time immemorial, wood has been humanity’s favorite material. They are convinced that it is time to make wood the material of the 21st century! This is why Woodoo transcends the exceptional intelligence of nature thanks to high technology to face the shortage of resources and the environmental imperatives of our time.

Woodoo is premiering two material innovations made out of authentic wood

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Introducing ••JASPR, a 4 sq/m wooden screen wall
JASPR is an exclusive set of solutions for assembling giant wooden screen walls. It is composed of LED display units covered with patented translucent wood. JASPR is ideal to design custom screen walls or to make partitions with integrated screens, revealing through shy tech the beauty of wood and displaying images only when needed. This innovation is a perfect fit for the layout and digitalization of sales areas, shopping malls and airports or train stations… For the first time ever, JASPR has been presented at CES with an impressive 4 sq/m wooden screen wall.

A CES World Premiere Augmented Wood

Introducing ••LIGHTR, a beautiful wall light panel veneered with authentic wood
Woodoo also presents LIGHTR, a wall lighting solution covered with authentic wood. LIGHTR is a beautiful alliance between the elegance of wood and the warmth of an ambient light (powered by LEDs). LIGHTR’s modularity allows the lighting to be integrated into a wall covered with Woodoo ••SLIM, their patented translucent wood, but also to become a unique decorative lighting object to enliven an interior. Its surface finish is available in all the wood species offered in the SLIM range (olive ash, maple, tulipwood, sycamore…).

Woodoo innovations will be also displayed on JEC World 2022, the leading international composites show, which will take place on 8-10 March 2022 in Paris Nord Villepinte, France. Visit their booth: Hall 5, Booth B79.

More information www.woodoo.com