Xiaomi unveils its lightweight wireless AR glasses

Xiaomi, China’s major consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company, announced its brand new concept technology achievement, Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition.

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This tech innovation is Xiaomi’s first wireless AR glasses to utilize distributed computing, offering a retina-level adaptive display that adjusts to the lighting environment. With enhanced connectivity to a Snapdragon Spaces ready smartphone, it enables innovative hand tracking at a refined level, supports a comprehensive range of applications for larger displays, and offers innovations in inter-device compatibility.

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition is designed with individual experience in mind. Instead of relying on a wired connection to a host computing device, this device is designed at just 126 g and adopts Xiaomi-developed high-speed interconnection buses to achieve high-speed data connection from smartphone to AR glasses.

The AR glasses feature a lightweight design that incorporates a range of lightweight materials such as magnesium-lithium alloy, carbon fiber parts, and a self-developed silicon-oxygen anode battery. With a weight of just 126 g, these glasses are designed to minimize any physical burden on the user. Additionally, through analyzing tens of thousands of head tracking data samples, the glasses have been calibrated with precision, taking into account details such as the center of gravity, leg spacing, angle, nose rest, and other factors that contribute to a superior experience.

More information www.xiaomi.com