Xnovo Technology and Exciscope announce partnership to unveil first laboratory-based x-ray tensor tomography solution

Xnovo Technology ApS, a pioneer in advanced X-ray imaging solutions, reveals a strategic partnership with Sweden-based Exciscope AB. This collaboration aims to introduce the world’s first laboratory-based X-ray tensor tomography technique, branded FiberScanner3D, available on the Exciscope Polaris platform.

Xnovo Technology and Exciscope announce partnership to unveil first laboratory-based x-ray tensor tomography solution

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Breaking boundaries in materials science

The FiberScanner3D module, a result of collaborative innovation with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland, utilizes patented grating technology to bring forth a breakthrough in the high-throughput mapping of directional X-ray scattering. This module enables non-destructive 3D anisotropic structure characterization and analysis of fibrous samples, beyond the imaging resolution limits of conventional X-ray CT systems.

This technology provides access to fiber orientation and fiber alignment information without directly resolving the underlying microstructures. As a result, it opens new horizons for characterizing large-scale samples and production components, as well as for assessing their mechanical performance, and for empowering the predictive design of materials.

Expanding applications in materials science and beyond

With applications spanning from the manufacturing of sustainable materials like natural and synthetic fiber composites to biological systems exhibiting highly anisotropic structures, FiberScanner3D represents a significant leap forward in analytical imaging methods. Notably, it brings X-ray tensor tomography out of synchrotron imaging facilities and into the laboratory, expanding its accessibility and applicability.

Validation of laboratory-based X-ray Tensor Tomography against the synchrotron implementation of this technique. The inner product of fiber orientation vectors is calculated in each voxel.

A visionary partnership

Lars Romson, CEO of Exciscope, commented, “Exciscope is committed to delivering world-leading lab-based phase-contrast imaging solutions. Our collaboration with Xnovo is enhancing analytical capabilities for our Exciscope Polaris platform that align with the evolving needs of our customers in biomedical research, materials science, and beyond.”

Erik Lauridsen, CEO and founder of Xnovo Technology, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Xnovo excels at bringing synchrotron-level imaging methods to the lab, and our partnership with Exciscope is yet another testament to our commitment. FiberScanner3D has the potential to bring materials science into a new stage of rapid, reliable, and robust fiber structure characterization.”

About Xnovo Technology ApS:
Xnovo Technology ApS is a Denmark-based company dedicated to advancing imaging solutions for academic and industrial materials science research and quality control, with a special emphasis on bringing cutting-edge synchrotron technologies to the laboratory environment.

About Exciscope AB:
Exciscope AB is a Sweden-based company at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art 3D phase-contrast X-ray imaging and analysis solutions. Exciscope is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge lab-based imaging solutions across various scientific disciplines, including biomedical research and materials science.

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