Zoltek Mexico to expand carbon fiber production

Zoltek Companies, Inc., a leader in low-cost industrial grade carbon fiber, has announced it is expanding its carbon fiber production capacity at the facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Zoltek Mexico to expand carbon fiber production

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By expanding operations, the Mexico carbon fiber production capacity will increase to 13,000 MT annually, and will increase Zoltek’s global production capacity of its PX35 carbon fiber to a total of 28,000 MT.

David Purcell, Executive Vice President of Sales for Zoltek, declared:

David Purcell, Executive Vice President of Sales for Zoltek

“As wind turbines continue to increase their efficiencies with longer, lighter-weight blades, we continue to see an increase in demand for our carbon fiber. We also see developing applications in automotive and energy storage. So there are several favorable macro trends that we expect will continue to support our rapid growth. We will continue to aggressively expand our capacity to stay ahead of demand and ensure we support our customer agreements.”

Zoltek continues its mission to commercialize carbon fiber, and increase its position as the global leader in industrial-grade carbon fiber. Zoltek’s PX35 50K carbon fiber, which is produced in Hungary and Mexico, is the established standard for large-scale industrial applications such as wind energy and automotive.

Zoltek PX35 Applications

This carbon fiber is used in the wind turbine industry and is on the forefront of many other applications including infrastructure, automotive, pressure vessels, offshore drillings, and other industrial applications.

Zoltek PX35 Applications
Zoltek PX35
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