Tech-Fab Europe commends Commission diligence in addressing circumvention by Chinese producers

Tech-Fab Europe welcomes publication of anti-circumvention measures against imports of glass fibre fabrics from Turkey.

Tech-Fab Europe commends Commission diligence in addressing circumvention by Chinese producers

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Raphaël Pleynet, Secretary General, of Tech-Fab noted « The Commission has shown great diligence over the last 18 months to address the multiple ways China-based glass fibre fabrics producers have attempted to avoid the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures imposed on imports from China and Egypt.  The measures published yesterday are the culmination of those efforts; we greatly appreciate these actions and will continue to work closely with the Commission to address any further illegal activities. »

In addition to the imposition of anti-circumvention measures on glass fibre fabrics imports from Turkey, the Commission has since the adoption of the initial measures in 2020 also imposed other anti-circumvention measures (imports from Morocco), anti-absorption measures, and measures on imports destined for offshore use.  « Of course, we must remain vigilant given the major overcapacities in China and the importance of glass fibre fabrics in the lightweight materials value chain, » commented Mr. Pleynet.

Glass fibre fabrics represent the second step in the glass-based lightweight materials value chain after glass fibre reinforcements. Glass fibre fabrics are glass fibre fabrics that are used together with resins as reinforcement materials in an ever increasing number of industry sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, industry, transport, construction and sport and leisure.  Due to their light weight, glass fibre fabrics have replaced many heavier materials in recent years to reduce energy consumption and help the EU achieve its climate targets.

TechFab Europe represents various European glass-based technical  textile industry sectors in matters concerning regulatory and trade compliance.

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