Teijin Automotive Technologies recognizes facilities for Excellence in Environmental, Health & Safety Practices

Teijin Automotive Technologies today announced the winners of its 2021 Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Awards program.

Teijin Automotive Technologies recognizes facilities for Excellence in Environmental, Health & Safety Practices

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The 2021 winners are:

  • EH&S Sustainability Awards: Lenoir, North Carolina, Sarepta, Louisiana, Tijuana, Baja California México
  • Most Improved EH&S Program, small facility – Leca do Balio, Portugal
  • Most Improved EH&S Program, large facility – Carey, Ohio
  • Best EH&S Program, small facility – Pouancé, France
  • Best EH&S Program, large facility – CSP Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

These facilities were selected from Teijin Automotive Technologies’ 22 global manufacturing locations, based on the following requirements and qualifications:

EH&S Sustainability Award – This is the top award, only given to facilities that achieve and sustain world-class EH&S practices and results for a minimum of three consecutive years. These facilities exemplify Teijin Automotive’s values by focusing on reducing environmental impact and protecting the health and safety of employees. Facilities earning this award have achieved and sustained excellence through the integration of EH&S management into business operations. 

Best EH&S Program Award – Presented in both large (200+ employees) and small (fewer than 200 employees) facility categories, this award recognizes plants that have successfully embedded EH&S as a core value, integrating it into every aspect of work, and demonstrating a commitment to worker safety and continuous performance improvement.

Most Improved EH&S Program Award – Also presented in both large and small facility categories to facilities that exemplify significant improvement in EH&S performance year-over-year.

“Because of our laser focus on safety, and the behavior-based safety processes we continue to emphasize in our facilities, we’ve now achieved world-class status when it comes to health and safety,” said Steve Rooney, CEO of Teijin Automotive Technologies and general manager, Teijin Composites Business Unit. “But we’re not resting here. Our goal is to achieve a zero-incident rate, ensuring that every employee goes home safely every day. Congratulations to all of the winning teams.”

Now in its 6th year, Teijin Automotive Technologies’ EH&S Awards Program is an elite, behavioral-based recognition program that acknowledges thriving facilities for their commitment and contributions to employee safety, the environment, the communities in which they operate and overall EH&S program excellence. Led by the Corporate Executive Director, Environmental Legal Affairs, Health and Safety, Dina Graham, the program recognizes the outstanding contributions of employees to the achievement of safety goals and standards of Teijin Automotive Technologies. To be eligible for any of the award categories, nominated programs must demonstrate:

  • Reduction in workplace hazards
  • Increase in near miss reporting
  • No significant injuries
  • Exceptional Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Implementation of job safety improvements
  • No chemical spills or releases to the environment
  • No enforcement actions during the year to the time of the award announcement

“The facilities that are most successful are those operating with a leadership-driven, employee-embraced safety program that’s changing the culture of the workplace,” said Graham. “There is nothing more important to our business than the health and safety of our employees and protecting our environment. We will continue to set the bar high, continually improve our safety and environmental practices, and achieve a workplace where no one gets hurt.”

“All of these winning facilities deserve recognition for their continued commitment to improving their safety records, reducing their environmental impact, and achieving positive business results over the long-term,” said Teijin Automotive Technologies President Chris Twining. “Safety is everyone’s job, every day. As long as we are putting safety first in everything we do, we can achieve a zero-incident workplace.”

Each of the winning facilities will celebrate with a formal, on-site awards luncheon with Rooney, Twining and Graham, and will receive an engraved award to showcase at their facility.

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