The Modern DB: a sports car in a speedbike

The Modern DB edition offer the best power ratio on the market with 750W and 22kg, and it’s for now the first ebike in carbon fiber with the Pinion gearbox direclty integrated.

The Modern DB: a sports car in a speedbike

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The Modern DB edition is an intense mix of the most performant equipment. With its wide tires which provide an optimum road holding at very high speeds, the modern DB is a speedbike with a resolutely sporty look.

Frame and fork have been designed to maximize performance and comfort.  With 750 Watts power and and 43 Nm of torque, equivalent to 110 Nm of torque for a rear motor, the Modern DB reach a range of 70 Km appears at responsive under all conditions. 

Equipped with carbon rims, light alloys components and composite materials, this speedbike offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

The Modern DB a french fabrication

Your safety, their priority

The automatic lighting system makes possible an excellent visibility, up to 300 meters, thanks to the supernova mini 99. 

The Modern DB is equipped with an efficient hydraulic braking system, a lighting braking signal,  a horn and a 6 speeds integrated gearbox.

Their speedbikes have been developed on the same basis as 25 Km/h editions to maintain the same comfort. Each one integrate our Coleen HD display.

The most durable gearbox system

Coleen opted for a rear engine coupled to both  gearbox and belt-drive to significantly increase the reliability of the engine. While mid motors prematurely wear out the transmissions (change every 3 000 km), you’ll be able to travel up to 60 000 km with only changing the belt every 10 000 km.

High-range hydraulic brakes by Formula

Founded in 1997, Formula has become a benchmark for sporty hydraulic brakes manufacturing. A major component rigorously selected to ensure you optimum security on speedbike versions. Because visibility is essential, when the brakes are actuated, the rear light comes on to warn the following drivers. A safety drive thanks to the powerful supernova mini 99.

You can get this amzing bike for 9 990,00€.

More information www.coleen-france.com