Toray presents next generation of enabling technologies for sustainable mobility at JEC World 2022

Toray Advanced Composites presents the latest advancements in lightweight material solutions for future sustainable mobility applications at the highly anticipated JEC World 2022 exhibition (3-5 May) in Paris, hall 6, booth D28.

Toray presents next generation of enabling technologies for sustainable mobility at JEC World 2022

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Exhibits on display include an urban air mobility aircraft pylon, made for the Joby eVTOL aircraft using Toray’s thermoset-based prepreg systems. Additionally, Toray will present the world’s first 100% thermoplastic composite Air Intake Bulkhead for the Rolls Royce UltraFan® Engine, manufactured using AFP technology.

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Airbus and GKN Fokker present the Clean Sky 2 STUNNING fuselage frame assembly, made using Toray Cetex TC1225 (LMPAEK) thermoplastic composites, on display at the JEC mobility stand.

Toray also highlights high performance materials for motorsport and industrial applications, including Toray AmberTool® HX56, which is now available in a heavyweight 990gsm reinforcement, enabling faster tool manufacture with exceptional handleability of processing and high quality surface finish.

Single shot LSP for thermoplastic uni-directional tapes

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The world’s first 100% thermoplastic air intake bulkhead, made by Daher for the Airbus nacelle of the UltraFan engine.

At the show, Toray launchs their Toray Cetex® LSP lightning strike protection system, developed for automated processing technologies including automated fiber placement (AFP) of thermoplastic uni-directional tape. Available with LMPAEK and PPS resin formulations, the LSP system enables a single shot consolidation of LSP functionality during AFP manufacture of thermoplastic components, further advancing the processing efficiencies of thermoplastic composite materials for aerostructures.

Meet Toray Advanced Composites at JEC World 2022, hall 6, booth D28.

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