VABO Composites unveils fire doors with 60-minute resistance

VABO Composites in the Netherlands has launched a new maritime fire door that meets all the criteria for the 60-minute resistance test. The product of months of R&D, these FRD60 doors further enhance the Dutch company’s portfolio for its commercial, superyacht and naval sector.

VABO Composites unveils fire doors with 60-minute resistance

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VABO has a strong reputation as a manufacturer of composite doors and hatches for shipyards that wish to leverage on the proven lightweight properties in comparison with steel and aluminium. The company’s composite products are also renowned for requiring virtually no maintenance and VABO FRD30 doors cover all B15 and B30 requirements in terms of fire resistance.

Sales & marketing manager Jeroen van Deutekom explains:
“Responding to client demands and our goal to offer the best possible service, VABO has made significant investments in developing a door that reaches the 60-minute target. Although it took considerable time and effort with a stringent testing regime, the VABO team has now amply passed the 60-minute milestone. Our tests follow the FTP code (FRD60) to cover the equivalent A60 and A0, with VABO’s high quality level guaranteed.”

Expanding its product range in this way means VABO can now support an even wider part of the markets in which it operates, with a complete selection of hinged doors & hatches that includes those which need to be fire resistant.

More information www.vabocomposites.com