Velocite launches award winning filament wound full carbon rims

Award winning machine wound carbon fiber rims deliver improved performance by reducing manufacturing errors and costs associated with manual layup process

Velocite launches award winning filament wound full carbon rims

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The revolutionary Venn Rev TCD 35 700c wheels are the first wheels made using rims manufactured using an automated continuous filament winding process, rather than manual, hand layup of carbon fiber patches.

By replacing the hand layup with continuous tow machine winding with fibers under constant tension, significant performance, uniformity and cost benefits are realized. The automated manufacturing process is also more readily scalable and less reliant on skilled labour or intensive training. This new process has potential to render obsolete the traditional hand layup carbon rim manufacturing process.

The Venn TCD 35 rims are one of three rims in the family of filament wound rims. The Venn TCD 35 rims are disk specific road tubeless rims, Venn TCC 35 rims are rim brake compatible road tubeless wheels, while Venn TUC 35 are rim brake compatible tubular wheels. All rims have a 35mm deep and 28mm wide profile at their widest point.

“We are very excited by the new filament winding technology for composite rim production”, said Victor Major, CEO and R&D Director of Velocite Tech. “We are also very encouraged that this technology is already recognized for its significance by our industry peers as evidenced by the d&i Award win”.

The versatile 35mm 700c/29” rim family is the first application of this groundbreaking technology with many more rim sizes and types currently in research and development phase.

All of the filament wound rims will be offered on the OEM and ODM basis to other bicycle wheel brands who seek greater quality, reliability, better market differentiation and potentially large cost reduction compared to any incumbent composite rim that they may currently be using.

The Venn filament wound rims will be formally launched at the 2015 Taipei Cycle Show, booth number L0401a.

More information:www.velocite-bikes.com