VESO Concept presents the MANIFICA project on the life cycle analysis associated with composites

From May 3rd to 5th, 2022, JEC World was held, welcoming composites professionals from all around the world. VESO Concept was present on the MANIFICA booth with other project’s actors : Toray CFE, Paprec and I2M. This was an opportunity to present MANIFICA and the role of each partner in the consortium.

VESO Concept presents the MANIFICA project on the life cycle analysis associated with composites

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VESO Concept is a research unit specialized in R&D and engineering applied to the design and development of innovative biosourced and/or recycled composite solutions for the mobility sector (aeronautics, automotive, naval…) as well as sports and leisure activities.

Its role in the project is to specify the semi-finished products, to analyze the performance of different recycled carbon fiber fabrics and to produce demonstrators for the aeronautical industry.

VESO Concept is also in charge of carrying out the life cycle inventory (LCI) of the product to quantify its environmental impact and subsequently enable a life cycle analysis (LCA) .

To meet environmental challenges, initiatives are multiplying to improve the composites impact, notably by reducing the use of resources necessary for the materials design or by reducing waste at the end of their life, in particular through recycling.

The MANIFICA life cycle inventory was built by VESO Concept. This makes it possible to give a clear vision of the project’s environmental footprint. The main objective of the next work will be to replace the hypotheses with real data (measured during the process) to produce the most detailed LCI that will lead to a robust LCA.

In addition to being in line with the sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations, the LCA also allows to match companies and their customers new requirements about environmental assessment.

More information www.veso-concept.com