Vestas brings innovative service solution to the wind industry by spinning out BladeRobots A/S

The growing installed capacity of wind turbines is a great opportunity for Vestas to sustain its service leadership by introducing efficient and scalable solutions that maximise wind turbine performance. Vestas introduces BladeRobots A/S as a standalone company with an automated robotic technology solution that will enable a highly efficient and scalable solution for blade leading edge maintenance. The solution is originally developed and incubated at Vestas and has been spun out as standalone company to accelerate time-to-market and build scale.

Vestas brings innovative service solution to the wind industry by spinning out BladeRobots A/S

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BladeRobots A/S offers a unique solution that performs automated blade leading edge maintenance up to four times faster than conventional manual methods. This results in a cost-competitive and highly scalable solution with improved safety standards for the involved technicians The novel robot solution can improve wind turbines’ Annual Energy Production by restoring the aerodynamic performance and reducing turbine downtime. The robotic solution leverages artificial intelligence to quickly adapt to all blade types in the industry.

BladeRobots A/S will be headed by CEO Michael Thorup Svensson, currently CEO at Ventus Wind Services A/S, who brings vast wind industry experience and in-depth understanding of the windservice business. Johnny Thomsen, former Co-CEO of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, will serve as Chairman.

“Wind energy will play an increasingly central role in the global energy system, and it is key that we deliver optimal efficiency throughout the operational life of wind turbines. With BladeRobots’ automised robotic solution, the wind industry has a new effective and scalable solution to improve wind turbine performance”, says Johnny Thomsen, Chairman of BladeRobots A/S.

“We see great commercial potential for BladeRobots to scale this solution to a global industry-wide offering, as it will enable highly efficient blade maintenance with enhanced safety standards that improves performance of our customers’ wind turbines. I am pleased to see Vestas, through Vestas Ventures, bringing a promising new innovation to the wind industry”, says Markus Rieck, Senior Vice President for Service Commercial & Products at Vestas.

BladeRobots A/S has secured a first round of funding from Skagen Blade Technology ApS, a Danish-based wind turbine service provider who becomes minority shareholder. Vestas Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Vestas, will have a majority ownership share of the company.

“We are delighted to participate in the further development of BladeRobots A/S and to support the business with a substantial investment. We see the company’s technology as a major innovation within blade maintenance with substantial potential”, says Dennis Conradsen, CEO of Skagen Blade Technology ApS.

Vestas Ventures was established in late 2020 as a corporate venture capital arm, with a vision to accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy, the electrification of societies and unlock new growth opportunities through relevant investment programs.

More information www.bladerobots.com