Waygate Technologies launches a revolutionary flaw detector, the Krautkrämer USM 100

Superior inspection results, a best-in-class user interface, great ergonomics and rugged design, unrivaled connectivity options and much more. The Krautkrämer USM 100 is a revolutionary ultrasonic flaw detector that uncomplicates the inspections.

Waygate Technologies launches a revolutionary flaw detector, the Krautkrämer USM 100

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Few inspection tools are more versatile than the portable Krautkrämer USM 100, built to tackle a wide range of inspection challenges. Perform comprehensive, accurate inspections on industrial assets, then enrich your inspection data with images and geolocation for improved traceability and reporting.

Light and ergonomic, the new Krautkrämer USM 100 is going to put the well-being first. It’s also robust, versatile, and built to reliably withstand the toughest conditions (drop/vibration tested with an IP 67 rating). The glove-compatible 7” LCD touch screen — viewable under any lighting conditions — means no more strained eyes.

Waygate Technologies | Krautkrämer USM 100: Unboxing

Smart and intuitive user interfaces
Reduce downtime and increase productivity with a smart and intuitive user interface that’s easy to learn and customize. This optimizes and accelerates the inspections and decision making without compromising reliability or performance.

Digital simplicity: get the most out of your fleet
The Krautkrämer USM 100 flaw detector boasts many additional digital features such as:

Data availability

  • Secure, cloud-based data management for immediate transfer, sharing and reporting of data.

Remote calibration

  • Sending a device in for annual factory calibration means it won’t be available for up to 2 weeks. With the remote calibration it can be calibrated at your premises in an hour.

Waygate Technologies app store

  • Waygate Technologies apps can be downloaded, to ensure fast, consistent and compliant inspections by any inspector at all times
  • Customization, and update are also available at anytime, anywhere
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