XAG unveiled new-gen agricultural drone and ground robots

China’s XAG has launched a new series of smart agri-tech, introducing more digital unmanned solutions to make farming easier and more sustainable.

XAG unveiled new-gen agricultural drone and ground robots

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The new releases include three models of XAG Agricultural Drone and two editions of R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle for broadcast and mower, which will soon be commercially available in the Chinese market. XAG has also announced actions to scale-up AI prescription map service for crop spraying in China, fighting against pesticide overuse and misuse.
According to Justin Gong, Co-founder of XAG, as urbanisation in China continues to accelerate and reach over 65% by 2050, rural aging and loss of agricultural workforce might be eating into a food-secure future. “In face of these challenges, we need to leverage the power of agri-tech to reshape the agriculture and food system, bridging the rural digital divide and helping farmers yield a higher profit margin of producing crops,” he said.
Users can control the new XAG P Series with a mobile app to collect high-definition field maps, distribute seeds, spread fertilisers, and apply pesticides, which in the past can only be realised by multiple tools. Compared with traditional crop protection drones, it substantially lowers the barrier to adoption and makes previously tedious, laborious farming tasks much simpler.
Specifically, XAG P40 Agricultural Drone is designed for smallholder farms where large ground equipment is costly and greatly restricted. Utilising the RevoSpray system that features rotary atomisation spraying technology, XAG P40 can support 20L smart liquid tank and cover 15 hectares of land per hour with even, precise crop protection. When toggling the RevoCast system, together with a 25L container, P40 can help farmers effectively deliver 2.4 tons of fertilisers or 1.6 tons of rice seeds in only one hour.
In addition, XAG P80 Agricultural Drone is developed to meet the needs of users serving a larger field area. It elevates drone capacity to 40kg and is able to cover 20 hectares of farmland in an hour with variable-rate spraying that protects crops from harmful weeds, pests, and diseases. This new launch can help medium-to-large farm owners address rural labour shortage when China is facing an accelerated speed of arable land transfer.

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