Zhejiang Jinggong Technology has completed its first 1,000-ton carbon fiber production line

Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology (JGST) has successively completed the upgrade and transformation of one 500-ton carbon fiber production line and the turnkey project of four 1,000-ton high-performance production lines.

Zhejiang Jinggong Technology has completed its first 1,000-ton carbon fiber production line

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The 1,000-ton production line was awarded the title of Zhejiang Province’s First Set, and also won the China Textile Industry Federation Science Progress Award.

The 1,000-ton line project is customized for Jilin Jinggong Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., and is the first domestic 1,000-ton production line close to national production. Except for the winding machine, the whole line is designed, manufactured, installed and debugged independently by JGST, including the yarn creel, the original yarn manipulator, the humidification system, the pre-aeration furnace, and the high-low temperature carbonization furnace, surface electrolysis machine, water washing machine, dryer, sizing machine, non-contact dryer, heat setting machine, thread separating device, driving device, steel structure platform, tension system, whole line control system, safety system, piping system, waste gas treatment and waste heat recovery system, carbon thread automatic packing system, etc.

The whole line being designed and manufactured by JGST, it avoids the mutual interference and delay between multiple suppliers that hindered the process in the past. The actual operating speed of the production line is 16 m/min, and the annual output of carbon fiber is 2,500 tons. In addition to the 2,500-ton carbon fiber production line, JGST is also launching a customized production line according to market demand. The 1m wide 1K/3K/6K small tow carbon fiber production line is currently under construction. In addition, JGST is currently preparing for the construction of 4 large carbonization lines in Jilin and the customization of large tow pre-oxidation furnaces.

The smooth development of this project also marks the end of the long-standing predicament that China’s carbon fiber core equipment is imported from developed countries such as in Europe, America and Japan. In early 2020, it successfully completed the delivery of the pre-oxidation furnace supporting a 2,000-ton high-performance carbon fiber production line in South Korea. This multinational cooperation has also laid a solid foundation for JGST to build carbon fiber complete line projects overseas in the future.

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