Zhongfu Shenying has launched a carbon fiber aviation application R&D and manufacturing project

Zhongfu Shenying (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., was established within the Shanghai Yangshan Free Trade Zone at the beginning of 2021. The new company has a registered capital of 200 million yuan, and a planned investment of 515 million yuan to focus on the research, development and manufacturing of aviation resin, aviation carbon fiber intermediate and finished products.

Zhongfu Shenying has launched a carbon fiber aviation application R&D and manufacturing project

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According to the parent company Zhongfu Shenying, “after the project is put into production, it will further enhance the company’s high-end carbon fiber application technology strength, extend the downstream industrial chain, and make positive contributions to accelerating the localization of domestically made large aircraft raw materials.” 

The signing ceremony for the launch of the key project was held within the Shanghai Yangshan Free Trade Zone. Amongst the signatories of the attendance, Li Xinhua, vice chairman of CNBM Group, Liu Biao, chairman of China Composites Group Corporation and Zhang Guoliang, chairman of Zhongfu Shenying, made speeches. 

All speakers shared the message that as an important part of CNBM Group’s new materials sector, Zhongfu Shenying has been deeply involved in the carbon fiber industry for 15 years and is committed to building a world-class carbon fiber company. In recent years, the company has strived to improve the production technology and process performance of T700 and T800 carbon fiber. In the high-end application field of carbon fiber, it broke the market monopoly of foreign companies and became the first Chinese carbon fiber company to realize localized substitution.  

The speakers also said that after completing the deployment of 10,000 tons of carbon fiber in 2019, Zhongfu Shenying will continue to promote the strategic layout of carbon fiber in high-end new products, new technologies and high-end applications. The aim is to make full use of the advantages of geographical resources, increase the industrial chain and continuously strengthen the relationship with downstream customers.

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