Composites, shaping the Future of Low Carbon Construction: Discover the program and speakers

Composites, shaping the Future of Low Carbon Construction: Discover the program and speakers
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JEC, organization dedicated to the promotion of composite materials and their applications worldwide, has recently announced the organization, on March 4, 2024, in Paris, of a unique event on the theme of “Composites: Shaping the Future of Low Carbon Construction”.

Targeted at professionals in the construction and infrastructure sectors globally, this event aims to showcase the advantages of composite materials and their diverse applications to reduce the environmental impact of construction. This will be achieved through the presentation of numerous recent and emblematic projects that are listed here.

14.00 – 14.05
Welcome by Mike Hayes – Editor in chief – Construction Europe (KHL) and JEC

14.05 – 15.05
Global introduction about the challenge of reducing Co2 emissions, and how composites can contribute to reach this objective

Benefits of composites for building (45-minute roundtable, 15-minute Q&A)

  • Liesbeth Tromp, Project Manager and Consultant Fiber Reinforced Polymers
  • Lee Canning, Senior Associate Director, Jacobs
  • Roberto Frassine, President, EuCIA
  • Steven Hale, Director Engineering Innovations, NEOM

15.05 – 15.35
The opportunity of new standards (30 minutes)

The new standards and their consequences (Eurocodes, US standards, etc.) for the industry.

Moderated by Mike Hayes

  • Pr Luigi Ascione, Professor of structural mechanics at the University of Salerno
  • Pr Antonio Nanni, American Concrete Institute, President

15.35 – 16.00

16.00 – 18.45 (7 sessions of 25 min each)
Best practices, Cases studies

Moderated by Julian Buckley

Composites at the service of architecture

Composites in construction- next generation, low carbon, engineered solutions for architects.

  • Peter Walker, Director- Architecture and Infrastructure, BFG
  • Alex Feldman, Form3 Design
  • Dr. Ali Jibawy, ACM Structures
  • Hussain Makki Sahwan, Composite Engineering Manager, BFG

Advanced Composite Materials for sustainable solutions

  • Eyukewe Dogo, Senior Architect, UNSx / UNStudio
  • Radek Michalik, Managing Director/Chief Engineer, Composites Design Studio
  • Djibril Waimer, Project Manager, Premier Composite Technologies LLC
    Composites for Civil Engineering
    Statue of Liberty Museum and Statue of Liberty secondary screening facility
  • David Schneider, Vice President of Engineering, High Concrete Group
  • John Leatham, Director, Sales and Marketing, Chomarat North America

The Harkers Island Bridge Project – FRP Rebar in Bridge Construction
“The world’s first steel free bridge structure”

  • Peter Distefano, Senior Project Manager, Balfour Beatty
  • Chris Skinner, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and R&D, Owens Corning
    “Paradise Bridge (Norway) – The newest large composite bridge in the world”
  • Alf E. Jensen, CEO, Fireco
  • Jon Inge Brattekås, SVP Market & Technology, CSUB
  • Øystein Mehl Eide, Consto

Composites and smart cities

Smart materials for smart cities, by Solutions composites & Caerostris (gateway, train platform, little bridge, houses and extension…)

  • Laurent Destouches, Chairman of SOLUTIONS COMPOSITES and CAEROSTRIS SAS
  • Jean Michel Cascio, Project Director, Ligne 16 Grand Paris
    NEOM, a new model for construction, sustainable living, working and prospering
  • Mjed Hashem, Senior Materials Specialist, NEOM

19.00 – 21.30


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