JEC Announced as Partner to the International Composites Summit: Unlocking Global Trade Opportunities with the UK Composites Sector

JEC Announced as Partner to the International Composites Summit: Unlocking Global Trade Opportunities with the UK Composites Sector

The International Composites Summit (ICS), THE single place to do the most cost effective and sustainable composites business in the UK, is proud to announce its partnership with JEC, the leading organisation dedicated to promoting composite materials and fostering their applications globally, providing a platform to showcase the huge trade potential for companies from across Europe and around the globe within the UK Composites Sector. This collaboration aims to facilitate international trade, foster innovation, and strengthen economic ties between the UK and global composites industries.

Bringing together industry leaders, researchers, and innovators from across the composites sector, ICS is scheduled to take place from 6th – 7th September 2023, at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, UK. ICS promises to be a unique platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploring the latest advancements in composite materials internationally, bringing people together to do business.

The UK Composite Sector has emerged as a hub of excellence, offering a diverse range of opportunities for companies seeking to expand their business internationally. Through this strategic partnership, ICS will be used as a primary platform to highlight the advantages and potential of trading with the UK Composite Sector, connecting international companies with the wealth of resources, expertise, and innovations available.

With its extensive global network and industry expertise, ICS will leverage the JEC partnership to provide a platform for European and global companies to explore and seize business opportunities. Through targeted initiatives, intensive promotional activities, and networking events, the partners will facilitate connections and collaborations, fostering mutually beneficial trade relationships.

JEC will support the event through its media channels and provide a digital solution for exhibitors and attendees to connect and meet during the event in September. This solution will connect qualified business partners with an aim of connecting composites industry buyers with ICS exhibitors. Support will be offered prior to the show and will help attendees plan and organise quality meetings. The team is very excited to be offering this new connecting solution that represents a unique opportunity to meet with relevant buyers and contractors, suppliers, and reliable R&D partners.

“The partnership between JEC and the International Composites Summit represents a tremendous opportunity for companies across Europe and the globe to engage with the dynamic UK Composites Sector,” stated Thomas Lepretre, Events Director of JEC. “We are committed to unlocking trade potential, driving innovation, and facilitating partnerships that will benefit the composites industry as a whole.”

The International Composites Summit, renowned for its influential presence in the UK composites industry, will provide a strategic platform for showcasing the UK Composites Sector to an international audience. Through conferences, exhibitions, and expert sessions, the summit will highlight the UK’s cutting-edge capabilities, advanced technologies, and collaborative ecosystem.

“We are excited to partner with JEC to spotlight the outstanding trade opportunities that exist within the UK Composites Sector,” said Gemma Smith, Co-Director of ICS. “The International Composites Summit provides the perfect platform for companies wanting to meet and trade with the UK composites sector. We look forward to developing the relationship with JEC and the growth potential it offers to the industry.”

“Together with JEC, we aim to connect companies from Europe and beyond with the growing UK Composites Sector, promoting collaboration and growth, said David Bailey, CEO of Composites UK. “With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and market expansion, this collaboration will stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and drive the advancement of the composite industry on a global scale.”

Registration is free for the International Composites Summit 2023 and is now open via the official event website, www.internationalcompositessummit.com.

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About the International Composites Summit (ICS):
The International Composites Summit is a renowned global event that is organised by the UK composite industry association, Composites UK, and global advanced materials and advanced engineering marketing provider, The Fluency Business Group. ICS showcases the latest advancements in composites technology, materials, and applications. The summit attracts industry professionals, researchers, and stakeholders from around the world to explore emerging trends, share knowledge, and forge partnerships. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the International Composites Summit serves as a catalyst for growth and development in the composites industry.

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Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine, the industry’s reference magazine, JEC organizes several events around the world, including JEC World, the leading international exhibition dedicated
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