JEC World 2022 Conferences Program

JEC World 2022 Conferences Program

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Enthusiasm is growing as we approach the 2022 edition of JEC World in 5 weeks: key decision-makers, engineers, experts, show their will to get back together in Paris, as exhibitors, visitors, or speakers. More than ever, actors of the industry have been eager to share their knowledge, their experiences, or introduce their innovations, showing to the world that the industry has lost none of its dynamism in these peculiar times.

Driven by this passion, JEC World’s conferences program mainly shines a light on this year’s theme and most impactful topic: Composites for a Sustainable World, as sustainability continues to rise as a key growth driver for the composites industry, enabling diverse application sectors to achieve ambitious sustainability goals, from energy and transportation, to building and infrastructure. The conferences program will be available for free to all registered participants, in two Agoras (Hall 5 and Hall 6) and also online via JEC World Connect.

In 2022, JEC World is determined to demonstrate how sustainable thinking is at the heart of the innovative designs, technologies and business models driving the development of the next generation of composites applications.

Sustainability Conferences

May 3rd 15.00 – 15.40 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Sustainability of Raw Materials for Composites: Boosting the Circular Revolution
Speakers: Laurence DUFRANCATEL, Faurecia; Christian FISCHER, Bcomp; Véronique MICHAUD, LPAC, (EPFL); Smitha SUNDARAM, Teijin; Thomas WEGMAN, AOC Resins
Moderator: Ignaas VERPOEST, KU Leuven

May 4th 11.30 – 12.10 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Rethinking Composite Materials Manufacturing: The Path to Sustainable Production
Speakers: Craig CARR, GKN Aerospace; Thierry MERLOT, Hexcel; Benjamin SAADA, FAIRMAT; Tim YOUNG, National Composites Center; Mattia ANDOLFATTO, Cannon Ergos
Moderator: Roberto FRASSINE, European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)

May 04th 02:45 – 03:25 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Design for Circular Composite Products: Turning Waste, Recycling & Reuse into Opportunities
Speakers: Frazer BARNES, Gen2Carbon; Giorgio BETTETO, Gees Recycling; Dan COUGHLIN, ACMA; Jen HILL, Director, B&M Longworth (Edgworth), Pirjo PIETIKÄINEN, Finnish Plastics Industries Federation
Moderator:Malcolm FORSYTH, Composites UK

May 5th 10.00 – 10.40 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Applications of Composite Materials for Circularity: Towards a net-zero world
Speakers: Anurag BANSAL, Acciona; Friedrich J. DEIMANN, GREENBOATS; Allan POULSEN, Vestas Wind Systems; Frederic SICARD, Jaguar Land Rover; Tassilo WITTE, CTC (an Airbus Company)
Moderator: Ben DROGT, European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)

Country on Stage

Country on Stage Korea
May 3rd 10.00 – 11.25 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
The Sustainable Future – Hydrogen Unleashes Sustainable Mobility in Korea
South Korea sees hydrogen power as the country’s “future bread and butter”, especially in mobility with almost one million hydrogen vehicles by 2030 and almost three million by 2040, accelerating the transition to cleaner vehicles. But challenges remain with the technology and one of the greatest challenges of future vehicle concepts will be high-pressure vessels and the materials & processes used to manufacture tanks, as well as the development of charging infrastructure. Discover how hydrogen storage will enable the Future of Mobility and how South Korea is vying to win the race to create the first hydrogen-powered society.

Speakers: Sung Kyu HA, Hanyang University; Ryan Seonggi KIM, Hanwha; Axel SEIFERT, Plastic Omnium New Energies, Henry SHIN, Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency (KCarbon)
Moderator: Jason PALMER, The Economist

Country on Stage Netherlands
May 4th 10.00 – 11.25 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)

Composites Ecosystem in the Netherlands: Boosting the Value Chain and Sustainable Excellence
The Composites Industry trade association of the Netherlands, CompositesNL, welcomes you to our session. In full support of the JEC 2022 theme, we will showcase the intertwined progress of composites technology and sustainability in our country. Three sectors will be in the spotlight: Automotive, Marine and Aerospace, providing a broad overview of innovation within these industries. Finally, the book “Designing Lightness for Sustainability” will be presented, a look back at the innovations and developments in the last 25 years

Speakers: Rudy JURG, Rondal; Jean-Pierre HEIJSTER, Rai Automotive Industry; Edwin VAN HINTE, Lightness Studios; Adriaan BEUKERS, AB Composites Consultants; Tahira AHMED, CompositesNL; Tjaard SIJPKES, Ebusco; Arnt OFFRINGA, GKN Aerospace; Willem BÖTTGER, NPSP; Arnold DE BRUIJN, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT); Peter BOER, Collins Aerospace
Moderator: Jason PALMER, The Economist

Country on Stage USA
May 4th 11.30 – 12.55 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Sustainability and Innovation – Driving the Future of the U.S. Composites Industry
North America represents 27% of the global composites market in volume and 26% in value. It is a dynamic market in terms of R&D, innovations and production. This conference will highlight the United States composites market ecosystem and strengths, on a global scale as well as the main technological innovations in key sectors. Representatives of U.S. manufacturers will share their expertise and success stories, from materials to equipment to design, to manufacturing, and to recyclability, in key sectors such as e-mobility, construction, automotive and aerospace and sustainability

Speakers: Dale BROSIUS, The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) The U.S. Commercial Service; Cindy SQUIRES, American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA); Zane CLARK, Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE); Karl HAWES, Boston Materials; Anthony CIRINGIONE, Concordia Fibers; Stephan A. ZWEIDLER, Accudyne Systems; Amolak BADESHA, Orbital Composites; Evan YOUNG, Qarbon Aerospace
Moderator: Dale BROSIUS, The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI)

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/country-on-stage/

Session By

May 3rd 13.00 – 14.55 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Session By Altair
Simulation – The Key to Sustainable Product Development
Altair’s conference aligns with JEC World’s main theme for 2022: Sustainability. It showcases recent stories from their clients’ diverse industry sectors, including Fraunhofer and PART Engineering, where Altair’s composites simulation solutions have helped reliably predict material properties, reducing physical testing, and creating functional, durable, and optimized engineering designs efficiently.

Jeff WOLLSCHLAGER, Altair; Deborah MIELEWSKI, Ford Motor Company; Frank MANIS, Fraunhofer IGCV; Frank EHRHART, Altair; An BERNARD, GSEA Design; Tamás SCHMIDT, X-Plast ; Sascha PAZOUR, PART Engineering; Ilaria LUCIANO, BeonD ; Alessandro MESSANA, Politecnico di Torino (DIMEAS)

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/session-by-altair/

May 4th 13.15 – 14.40 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Session By Dassault Systems
Future Composites: Combining Accessible Design, Scalable Simulation & Reliable Manufacture
Composite design offers many opportunities to enhance structures which combine the expectation of high stiffness and strength. To accurately benefit from the specific properties of composites, a complete virtualization dealing with design, simulation and manufacturing capabilities is expected. The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has been developed for that purpose to offer a unique and unified way to virtualize things from real life. In this session, Dassault Systems has invited some customers, partners, and experts to share their approach on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Olivier SAPPIN, Dassault Systèmes ; Francois MELOCCO, Coriolis Composites; Pierre-Yves MECHIN, Dassault Systèmes ; Daniel PYZAK, Dassault Systèmes ; Reza SADEGHI, Dassault Systèmes ; Etienne ARDOUIN, Dassault Systèmes

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/session-by-dassault-systemes/

Business Conferences

May 4th 15.30 – 16.25 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)

The Clean Mobility Revolution Starts Now

A conference in two parts: first, “Net-zero Enabling Lightweight Technology for Mass Production”, mentioning processes, design and re-use of materials. Then a discussion around the future of aviation and more specifically topics such as the energy challenge, the use of composites and hydrogen.

Eric SHREFFLER, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC); Alan BANKS, Ford Motor Company; Andy REYNOLDS, Airbus
Moderator: Dale BROSIUS, The Composites Institute (IACMI)

May 5th 11.30 – 12.25 AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Fuelling Composite Materials Innovation

A conference that will raise the problem of “Black Aluminum”: what we learned from it, and how it is different this time. Some other key topics off the industry will be mentionned:

  • How to make composites easy, reliable and flexible by going digital
  • Composite factory of the future – how to flexibly automate composite production through cobots.

Eric SHREFFLER, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC); Ethan ESCOWITZ, Arris Composites
Marcus KREMERS, Airborne ; Hannah DAMMERS, ITA Group International Centre for Sustainable Textiles
Moderator: Cynthia HUTCHISON, World Economic Forum/Automation Alley

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/jec-composites-conferences/

JEC Composites Startup Booster

The JEC Composites Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites and Advanced Materials. Launched in 2017, it has already fostered the emergence of 500+ innovative projects from 50+ countries and it is with much excitement that the industry follows the competition to see which startups will forge the future of composites.

May 3rd 10.00 – 11.25 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Pitching Session – “Products & Materials Category”

Startups: Blackleaf , Dongnam Realize, FibreCoat, FVMat, Ora Graphene Audio, Pangolin Defense, Phononic Vibes, Revolve Wheel, Smart Resilin, Space Walker

May 3rd 16.30 – 17.55 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Pitching Session – Process, Manufacturing & Equipment Category

Startups: Antefil Composite Tech , ANYBRID, Atomic-6, Carbon-Drive, Continuum, Fibraworks, herone, RVmagnetics, Touch Sensity, Xarion

May 4th 14.45 – 15.10 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Startup Booster Awards Ceremony

May 5th 13.15 – 13.55 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
5 Years of Composites Entrepreneurship & Successful Collaborations
Speakers: Jelle Bloemhof, Airbus; Birgit Klockenhoff, Mercedes-Benz; Amael Cohades, CompPair; Sophie Tuviahu, UBQ Materials
Moderator: Ben COSTANTINI, Startup Sesame

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/startup-booster/

SMC BMC Design Award Competition

The European Alliance for SMC BMC is launching the 3rd edition of the SMC BMC Design Award. This international Design Competition is recognizing and promoting design excellence in using SMC and BMC advanced materials. The theme of this edition is Sustainable Living.
SMC and BMC are composite materials ideal for making large, light, and intricate parts that combine structural performance with a smooth surface finish. For that reason, SMC and BMC are increasingly used in a broad range of end-use applications and markets.

May 4th 13.30 – 14.10 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Project pitches by the finalists of the SMC BMC Design Award

May 4th 15.15-15.25 AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
SMC BMC Design Award Ceremony

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/smc-bmc-design-award/

Composites Exchange

The Composites Exchange are a dedicated program of exhibitors’ and partners workshops, showcasing products, solutions, and business cases. It is a great opportunity for visitors to identify what’s going on in the industry and learn from real-life examples.

May 3rd
AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
GRADEL •Web Industries • UBE Europe • NETZSCH Process Intelligence • FRIMO • CELC
AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
HRC • Johns Manville • Cutting Trading International • Finnester Coatings • Westlake Epoxy (formerly “Hexion Coatings and Composites”) • Microtex Composites • Solvay • Coats • Massivit 3D • COMEC Innovative

May 4th
Agora 5 (Hall 5)
9T Labs • Voith Composites • Wickert Maschinenbau • The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) • OCSiAl Europe •ELANTAS

AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Westlake Epoxy (formerly “Hexion Coatings and Composites”) • CMS • Solvay • SP2Carbon Europe • TESTIA • Metyx Composites • Breton •Magnum Venus Products

May 5th
AGORA 5 (Hall 5)
Cygnet Texkimp • Henkel • CompositesWorld

From 14:00Pitch session of the Campus Village : EPFL • IMT • KuLeuven • Politecnico di Milano • The Native Lab • University of Limerick • University of Patras • Hanyang University

AGORA 6 (Hall 6)
Kuraray Europe • Composites Academy • European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) • Westlake Epoxy (formerly “Hexion Coatings and Composites”) • HUNTSMAN Advanced Material• Women in Composites

All details to be found: https://www.jec-world.events/program/composites-exchange/

With SAMPE Europe and the World Pultrusion Conference taking place this same week, there is no doubt that Paris will be the Capital of the composites industry for one week, and JEC World 2022 the place to be for the global composites industry, a place of business, discovery, and inspiration.

JEC World 2022 • Paris Nord Villepinte
3-5 May 2022

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