JEC World 2022 – Hubs and Villages

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Dedicated to developments and insights of integrative production technologies and organized in partnership with universities, R&D and technology centers as well as startups, these thematical areas present the most recent technological developments, showcase innovative products or live demonstrations and give you the opportunity to freely meet in person with key interlocutors of these specific topics.

3D Printing Village

HALL 5, R92
The 3D PRINTING VILLAGE will showcase the latest technologies in additive manufacturing with live 3D demonstrations throughout the 3 days of the show by 9T Labs and Phoenix Composites Equipment.

Natural Fiber Village

HALL 5, C94
The strong growth of the composites market in multiple sectors creates key opportunities for biobased, renewable materials. They anticipate demands for sustainable development from consumers who are becoming more and more aware on such issues. In response to this acknowledgment and to the eco-design initiatives taking place within industry, JEC GROUP has been working in cooperation with the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp I CELC to set up a dedicated zone at JEC WORLD 2022 named the Natural Fibers Village.

The Village will give participants the opportunity to meet with some key players of the industry:

  • Design and market natural fibre reinforcements with high performance by BCOMP (Switzerland)
  • Transformation of composite materials: injection, thermoforming, and additive manufacturing of flax solutions by DEMGY (France)
  • TP prepregs from woven flax fibre, panels by FLIPTS & DOBBELS (Belgium)
  • 100% flax untwisted roving, weaves and hybrid reinforcements by DEPESTELE (France)
  • Low-twist flax roving, yarns and weave by SAFILIN (France)
  • Specifically selected and prepared flax fibers for composites – flax fiber roving production by TERRE DE LIN (France)
  • Collaborative development of flax preforms by FLOWER PROJECT (France/United-Kingdom)

Save the date: Composites Exchange on Tuesday 3rd May – 3.45- 4.10pm, Agora 5

  • Flax and Hemp Fiber Composites, a Market Reality: The Biobased Solutions for the Industry
  • Green efficiency European flax & hemp fibers: advanced natural materials for the composites industry.
    Presented by Pr. Ignaas Verpoest and PhD Gilles Koolen European Scientific Council of CELC.

Industry 4.0 Hub

HALL 6, R50
Coordinated by AZL Aachen with participating companies, the Industry 4.0 hub will focus on smart composites production in the context of Industry 4.0 along the whole value chain and the development of new production systems.

Among the companies present at the Hub: Forward Engineering, Compositence, Textechno Herbert Stein, Maruhachi Corporaiton, Edixia Automation, Hille Engineering, Conbility, Institut Fuer Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, Fraunhofer for Aser Production Technology, IKV – Institute for Plastics Processing, AZL Aachen, Institute for Automotive Engineering of RWTH Aachen University, the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production of RWTH Aachen University.

Startup Booster Village

HALL 6, entrance

The Startup Booster Village features the 20 finalists and the partners (Airbus & Mercedes-Benz) of Startup Booster, the leading startup competition in the world of Composite and Advanced Materials. It’s a great opportunity to meet and network with young entrepreneurs shaking the Composites Industry and discover the latest innovations disrupting the industry.
All the finalists listed below will be present at the Startup Village, as well as the following companies: Composites Expert, Nanoemi SP, Dou YS Chem, Skynano Technologies, Endeavor Composites, S Verical and Vistex Composites.

Save the date: the 20 startups will pitch their projects on May 3rd in AGORA 6
10.00 – 11.25 “Products & Materials Category”: Blackleaf , Dongnam Realize, FibreCoat, FVMat, Ora Graphene Audio, Pangolin Defense, Phononic Vibes, Revolve Wheel, Smart Resilin, Space Walker
16.30 – 17.55 “Process, Manufacturing & Equipment Category”: Antefil Composite Tech, ANYBRID, Atomic-6, Carbon-Drive, Continuum, Fibraworks, herone, RVmagnetics, Touch Sensity, Xarion

Campus Village

The Campus is JEC World’s new area dedicated to training and education. It is not only aiming to our youngest generations of visitors but also to anyone who wishes to improve on a field of expertise or discover a new one
8 partner universities and training institutes will be available to meet during the 3 days of the show: KuLeuven, The Native Lab, University of Patras, University of Limerick, EPFL, Hanyang University, IMT and Politecnico di Milano.

Save the date: the 8 universities will pitch on May 5th, from 2pm in Agora 5

More information: https://www.jec-world.events/program/jec-composites-campus/

JEC World 2022 • Paris Nord Villepinte
3-5 May 2022


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