Composites Sustainability Report 2021

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2021 Highlights about the part composite materials are playing in creating the sustainable European economy of the future

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The contents of the book are comprehensive: starting with discussions around the widely-recognised Life Cycle Assessment methodology for calculating the environmental impact of products, it then moves through a series of analyses and case studies presenting the Circular Economy ap­proach and ranging from raw materials (including bio-based) to industrial components.

The purpose of the work, rather than results, which quickly become obsolete, is to give examples of approaches contributing to and moving towards sustainability.

To do so, JEC Group has arbitrarily split the value chain into five parts:

  • background, LCA, circular economy;
  • concept, design, raw materials;
  • production, processes, waste;
  • recycling, recovery
  • applications.

This project was possible thanks to several contributors, actors of the Composites Industry, and specifically, the main partner, EUCIA.