Construction Pack: The future of building + Composites in Construction

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The future of building: The growing use of composites in construction and architecture

The future of building: The growing use of composites in construction and architecture

JEC proudly presents its brand new book: The future of building: The growing use of composites in construction and architecture, a book designed for the Composites & Construction industry players, wishing to learn more about the best practices of the utilisation of Composites in Buildings and Construction.

  • Spreading knowledge about composites in the construction of buildings
  • 68 case studies of utilisation of composites in construction worldwide with photos
  • Existing, cutting edge and futuristic applications
  • A broad range of matrices and fibres represented
  • Cases based on different kinds of building, application (aesthetic, reinforcement etc.)
  • Listing of key players in the industry

A book published by JEC Group and written by Andrew Mafeld.

Publication date: March 2017

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Structure of the book:

#1 Introduction

  • The purpose, scope, and targetd audience
  • Definition of Composites with table
  • Introduction: the breadth of composites use in building & construction – an overview
  • Key composites sub-segments
  • Regional view
  • Trends relating to building and construction
  • Relevant Information

#2 Key Composite sub-segments

  • Architectural projects and concepts based on composites
  • Systems and sub-systems for new building in composites
  • Systems and sub-systems for building refurbishment in composites
  • Composite elements for new build or refurbishment
  • Composite systems for reinforcement and/or repair of buildings

#3 Regional view

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Asia

#4 Trends relating to building and construction

  • Continuing trend urbanisation and the need for affordable city housing
  • Greater awareness of composites among architects and the public as a whole
  • Recent high profile architectural projects based on composites
  • Expanding use of Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Benefits of off-site pre-construction and lighter weight structures
  • Relevant fire-testing and norms for composites
  • Incorporation of composites in building codes
  • The potential of 3D printing
  • Concluding on the prospects for further growth of composites in building construction

#5 Relevant information

  • Glossary of terms
  • Index
  • List of companies mentioned in the book

Also included: Composites in Construction: 10 years in JEC Composites Magazine

Composites in Construction: 10 years in JEC Composites Magazine

The uses of composite materials in both the interior and exterior of buildings is growing all over the world, increasingly being used by architects to create modern and more environmentally friendly ‘low energy’ buildings.

This publication brings together some of the most impressive examples from around the world where composites have been successful used in building and construction projects, providing a deeper understanding of the design freedom and possibilities with composite materials in all aspects of buildings and construction.

Each application story included in the publication has been selected from articles previously published in JEC Composites Magazine in the last 10 years.  The articles included cover a broad range of composite materials and many different interior, exterior and structural end use applications in domestic, commercial and public buildings. Included are also a number of interviews with leading contemporary architects and designers, who explain their approach and motivation to use composites in preference to more traditional building materials.
Composites represent a growing opportunity for the building industry. Inherent properties, such as being strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant and able to be easily moulded into complex curved shapes, combined with long term performance capabilities provide so much potential in a wide range of construction application areas, along with other benefits compared with using more traditional materials.

Topic areas covered in this publication include:

  • Types of composite materials used in construction, including resins, reinforcements, wood plastic composites, coatings and fire retardant additives
  • Methods of producing complex design, curved shaped composite parts
  • Meeting regulatory specifications for building materials
  • Earthquake zone building solutions
  • New build and refurbishment projects
  • Commercial buildings and domestic housing
  • Wall cladding and façades
  • Composite roofing systems
  • Composite doors and widows
  • Acoustic solutions using composites
  • Interviews with leading architects and designers

Publication date: November 2011