JEC Composites Magazine Expert’s Digest: Additive Manufacturing

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The global additive manufacturing sector is experiencing exponential growth and is expected to expand at a rate of 23% per year in the next five years. A sector that is no more to ignore in our industry.

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The new JEC Composites Magazine Expert’s Digest will bring you the state of the art in this field and bring you market figures, process analysis, success stories so as you can benefit from the growth of this sector. In this digest, discover :

  • What are the specifications of additive manufacturing in the composites market and what is today the classification refecence in the industry
  • What are the three main process categories (3D printing, ATL/AFP): decoding and success stories
  • What is the evolution of the additive manufacturing market and its penetration in several application sectors

Among the companies quoted in the digest :

Automated Dynamics ; Onera ; Cevotec ; Coriolis ; IPT Fraunhofer : KVE Composites Group ; Stratasys ; Thermwood ;…

Table of content :

Overview p6

lntroduction to the additive manufacturing of fibre-reinforced composites

Additive manufacturing p15

Manufacturing p16

High-performance creations: additive manufacturing and composites

Manufacturing p18

Additive manufacturing of high-performance composite structures

Technology p20

Simulating the effects of warpage in an additively-manufactured composite layup tool

Business insights p23

AFP & ATL p64

Simulation p65

Optimizing the key manufacturing parameters of the AFP process

Simulation p68

How AFP lay-up affects a composite part’s design intent

Measurement p71

Preform permeability measurement and 3D resin flow simulation for dry AFP

Monitoring p75

Fibre placement in-process monitoring and solutions for quality optimisation

Process p78

Repurposing residual AFP tape for complex aerospace parts

Process p80

Rapid manufacturing of a tailored spar by AFP and stamp forming

Process p84

PAEK composite prepreg: fast and efficient part manufacturing

Process p88

Fibre patch placement: expanding the scope of additive manufacturing

Process p90

Automated manufacturing of stiffened composite shells using dry fibre material

Process p94

Laser-assisted tape- and fibre-placement-system «Multimaterial Head»

Process p96

Economic production of load-optimized thermoplastic composites

3D printing p104

Aerospace p105

Full-strength 5-axis carbon fibre 3D printing revolutionizes aviation and space

Aerospace p108

Successful mission of TuPOD, a TubeSats deployer manufactured via additive manufacturing

Aerospace p112

lnduction welding of reinforced additive-manufactured parts

Automotive p114

The Energica dashboard reinvented through professional 3D printing and composite materials

Automotive p116

Transforming composite production processes with FDM additive manufacturing

Automotive p118

Disrupting the composite tooling supply chain

Marine p121

World’s first 3D-printed yacht with carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic compounds

Sports & Leisure p123

Additive manaufacturing applications in sporting goods production

Sports & Leisure p125

Making the first 3D-printed carbon fibre bike

Sports & Leisure p128

lnnovative composite bicycle frame

Equipment & Machining p130

Injection moulding: running tests earlier with 3D printing

Equipment & Machining p132

Large-scalme additive manufacturing of composite thermoplastics – where are we?

Construction p135

3D printing and new materials are the core of China’s smarter cities

Construction p138

3D printing technology for building and construction


Publication date: 2021